Saturday, July 24, 2010

PAINTINGS - "From The Past" Pt.2

I had family in town last weekend, and my eldest daughter stayed through the week. I didn't have time to do any new artwork for the blog. So, I'll continue the series I started a couple of weeks ago and show you a few more of my oil paintings.

Above is a little 5"x7" I did on the 4th of July, 2003. It's one of my first attempts, right after my wife, Cat, had encouraged me to start painting again. Those are some flower pots next to a chair on our front porch.

This next one is of a little farm in Solomons, Maryland, done in 2004. This painting is 12"x5" (after I cut it down from a larger composition). We were visiting Cat's Mother and eldest sister who live in Solomons. Since we drove on that trip, instead of flying, I was able to bring along my painting gear, and had fun wandering around for a couple of days.

This landscale was done in 2007 during a workshop taught by Joan Parker. I didn't quite finish it to the degree that I wanted, 'cause I found myself enjoying talking with other artists, instead of focusing on the job at hand. This view is in a little valley of farm land, south of Lawrence, Kansas. The piece is 10"x4".

This last image is of a very special place to me...Cat and I used to go there sometimes and enjoy quiet moments watching animals drink from the creek. The water flows from the spillway, at the west end of the lake in Shawnee Mission Park. I painted this in's 6"x8".


Der Alte Fritz said...

I really like your artwork, they are all winners.

Anonymous said...

Had only seen one of these. Thanks so much for sharing. LOVE the bench and flowers....feels so warm and welcoming....I'll bet Cat liked this

Tim said...

All fantastic! But I'm waiting for the peaceful country scene with the silhouette of some of your wild robots roving about!

Kerry Callen said...

Yes! Wild robots coming out of a peaceful scene!

Beautiful stuff, Warren. The bench and flowers are also my favorite.

Warren said...

Thanks to all for the compliments!

And I just may have to try the Robots in the Landscape idea!! It would combine two things I love. Fun!