Thursday, July 1, 2010

SKETCHBOOK - "Some Bots and Not-Bots"

Life has been more complicated than I expected lately. Consequently, I have not gotten out my sketchbook this week, as I had fully intended to do. Hopefully this 3-Day 4th of July weekend will give me a bit of space to draw some. Until are some robot drawings from my past sketchbooks.

And as the title of this post are some "not-bots". These vehicles do, however, have some robotic features. The one below, it could be argued, has some features borrowed from a chicken. Not sure why it came out that way. But I happen to like chickens, so it's okay by me.


Christopher said...

My personal favorite is 'Bot-Tank'. I mean, if you're a bot, and you have tank-like tracks like that, you're top of the bot-food chain.

Todd R said...

I like your work. I followed a link from Miniature Wargaming's tweet about your rivers.

Do you work full time as an artist? Did you teach yourself? I think it's really cool the variety of your work.

I'm a KU grad, so I enjoyed your Jayhawks...even though you make fun of our mascot.

Warren said...

Hey, the Bot Food Chain...what do they eat?

And Todd...thanks for the compliment. You made me smile about the KU comment. Since I had a daughter graduate from there, I "paid to make fun". My wife never thought it amusing, but I have a buddy that sits next to me at work who is a Super Fan, and he loves the mascot make-overs. :)

I do work full time as an artist at Hallmark Cards. Been there for 30 years! I've also done a lot of freelance, and three children's books long ago. Now I mostly focus on what's fun for me, on a personal level.