Saturday, October 12, 2019

CHALK ART: "Swamp Humor"

After 8 straight hours, I've just finished another chalk mural for my driveway. You'd think I'd get smarter and simplify these things. Hope my back let's me get out of bed tomorrow! (In case you wondered...the turtle is not quite dry...I sometimes blend stuff with a wet brush.) It's fun to get the neighbor's reactions throughout the and grown-ups alike.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

SCULPTURE: "Weird Baby Rattle Jester"

I just finished this odd little project to surprise the grown daughter of a long-time friend of mine (from my high school days). My friend had posted a photo on FaceBook of a weird baby rattle from the 1930s. (I added the speech balloon to the photo.) Her daughter loved the rattle and wanted one. I searched online to see if I could find one for sale, but had no luck. I decided to see if I could do a facsimile of it to hang on her daughter's wall.
Here is the process...I used "Magic Sculpt" epoxy clay over a wooden base. I painted it with acrylics and gave the whole thing a very thin wash of brownish-gray to give it the aged look. then I coated the face with high gloss varnish.