Wednesday, November 9, 2022

CHALK ART: "Postcard #27"

It's time for a new Autumn "Postcard"...#27. A middle-school-aged kid (who I had chatted with yesterday while I was working on this) happened to walk by as I was rolling this out for a photograph. She stood reading the postcard. After a bit of silence, I asked her, "Do you get all the jokes?"

She said, "Yes...they're Dad jokes."

SCULPTURE: "DragonHead and Dragonfly"


I wanted to show you a fun "experiment" that I'm working on with my son-in-law, Brad. I've never had a sculpture of mine cast in metal before. Brad has a small forge set up in his garage, and we've discussed having him cast something I made. I was thinking of a medal/belt buckle sized bas-relief piece. We agreed to have me sculpt a Dragon head and a Dragonfly. I'll post again, whenever Brad has had some time to explore casting these in his forge.

P.S...I painted up colorized versions of plaster casts I made from molds of the originals.