Thursday, March 4, 2010

SKETCHBOOK - "More Faces Again"

I often make it a practice to have a sketchbook with me, if I am expecting to be sitting and waiting for any length of time. I ran across the sketch above from a trip to San Diego...this guy was asleep in the airport. Hope he made his flight.

The two sketches below are of a guy I saw while waiting in line last year to see the premiere of the new "Star Trek" movie. These B&W line drawings were done in a tiny little sketchbook I have that is about 3"x4"...great for hiding in a pocket.
This gal below was standing in the same movie line, a few people in front of me. I had to be seriously sneaky drawing her. It's a fact...not everyone likes a caricature drawn of themselves. If I had to guess...that lady would have been one of those "non-like" types.


Kerry Callen said...


Warren said...

Okay...let's just say that, anatomically, "she" appeared to be a well-fed woman. But I had no desire to investigate further. She also appeared to be able to render some smack-down bodily harm my way.