Sunday, March 7, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Space Gator!" pt.1

Okay, LUDstuff buddies...we're goin' into SPACE for my next sculpting project!

This is a Retro-Future idea...I'm being influenced by old school "Flash Gordon" and some modern comic book/sci-fi elements. My recent trip to Florida reminded me of how much I love I'm mixin' in a little Deep South Space Opera, too. So buckle up and let's get started with SPACE GATOR!

After drawing a VERY quick, small sketch above, I needed to make a Laser Cannon. The scale of that would dictate the size of the Gator. I love seeing what I can make out of junk...below is the pile of "treasures" I started with. I did some quick drawings of some really cool new "IRON MAN" toys by Hasbro, just to bring in a newer influence for the weaponry.

Below are some shots of the finished Laser will fit over the whole forearm. While I like how the different colors look on the "found objects", I will unify everything with a base coat, then figure out the final colors later.

Here's a fun device I rigged up some time ago to aid me in sculpting. The dowel can be moved around to various holes...the arm can be reconfigured with the wing nuts. It came in handy when doing the base-coat of gray.

Once I gave the Laser a second layer of undercoating (this time black), I needed to create my base and armature. Space Gator will be standing on some kind of alien rock formation. I did a quick sketch to scale, with the wires and dowels that would be inside the sculpture. On the right, the armature is ready to go.

To help me configure the wires inside for the Gator's pose, I slapped on some slabs of Sculpey Clay temporarily. When it looked about right, I pulled off all the Sculpey, to start fresh. The little inset below shows the wire I added for the Gator's tail. The armature can be modified as needed during the sculpting process.
That's it for this post...see ya again soon!


Christopher said...

SpaceGator! Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Warren said...

Sorry,'ll HAVE to wait...and so will I! :)

Got some plans for a follow-up sculpt after I figure out what "SG" will look like...Space Gator VS. some kind of nasty giant alien monster!!

Glad to have ya along for the ride!
-Uncle W

Mike Adair said...

Looking good, man! Gators in space is just crazy enough to work! Love the Boarbarian, too! These are crazy mad skills you have!

Warren said...

Thanks, Mike...not sure how practical a gator in space would be though. They'd spend most of their time layin' out on the sunny side of their spaceships. But "Space Gator" had a nice lyrical quality to the name, so I went with it.

Mike Adair said...

As long as there's a solarium aboard and the Federation gives him ample sunning time I think he'll be ok. It's really a great concept!