Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Space Gator!" pt.6

Now I start putting the parts together. I connected the finished head to the body, then moved on to sculpting the Gator's left hand. As I've mentioned before, the laser cannon won't be glued on until after everything has been finished and painted. I just need to keep making sure it fits properly as I sculpt the rest of the Gator.

Making the hand took longer than I planned, because I originally started without an armature inside the fingers. Before I knew it, the hand kept getting larger than I wanted. So after the second failed hand-sculpt, I did what I should've done from the start. I made the hand shape with wire, sculpted the fingers, then baked it. After finishing the glove, I baked it again.

After attaching the hand to the arm, I started working on the chest and neck area. I modified the collar design, and added shoulder guards.

Next, I finished other glove that would mostly be hidden inside the laser cannon, then moved to the Gator's back. I was originally going with an "old school" type backpack rig, with knobs and doo-dads, but I liked the simpler shapes that began forming. So I ended up with a vac-molded kind of look. Not sure what's inside that thing...maybe a power booster or something.

So that's it for now. After this, I move on down to the boots and tail section. Stay tuned!


Green Stuff Sculpting said...

Truly amazing work, I've had a look over your blog and some of the creativity is astounding.

Keep up the good work because the Gator is wonderful.

-Green stuff Sculpting

Warren said...

Hey, GSS! Nice to have you visit the blog...and thanks for the huge compliments! I checked out your site briefly...must return soon...it's loaded with great tutorials. I've never worked with "Green Stuff", but need to try it out. Got some friends who use it a lot on some of their miniatures. Welcome aboard!