Saturday, March 13, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Space Gator!" pt.2

Now it's time to show the base for Space Gator!

I began with covering the wood with a thin layer of Sculpey. I have a really old box of the clay (years old!), that is almost too dry to work with. But it makes pretty good rocks, so I started mashing them on. Once I got the whole thing covered, I started working on the psuedo mushroom-like forms. After glazing it with thinner, the base seemed too big for the size of this piece.

So I peeled off the clay from the edges, and had to rethink things a bit. I had no real game-plan for how everything was going to end up. My wife said it reminded her of Chiclets gum or "pop rocks" candy. Yummy...but not the alien planet look I was going for. Eventually, I went towards a coral reef feel, with some layered lichen fungus growth, and lots of tendril-roots on the mushrooms. Again, I glazed everything with thinner, to blend the surfaces.

After looking the base over, I felt like it needed a bit more. So I twisted in a wood screw for support, then added a few "baby shrooms".

So here we are with the final base. I'm not sure what colors I'll go with, but I'm leaning towards a brighter palette.
Next post, I start working on the Gator...til then, enjoy!


Christopher said...

looking good! Amazing how that thinner blends everything to perfection, but like you did show on the last project it looks like you have to be careful not to use too much.

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your blog! Fantastic stuff you're sharing. Just wondering, for someone with no real art background but just likes playing around with some of the same things I see you do, any suggestions on where to begin to learn to use the block of supersculpy I've had sitting forever but been a little intimidated to try sculpting?

Warren said...

Hey, Chris...yep, that thinner is potent stuff. But it really helps unify the surfaces...I don't have to take so much time blending surfaces with a tool.

Warren said...

Hello, "Anonymous"...welcome to the blog! As for starting up a Sculpey project...don't wait...just DIVE IN!

Hopefully you've checked out some of my earlier posts under the "sculpture" labels...I've tried to show all the steps to assist folks.

One thing I'd suggest is to start with a less ambitious project. You might try working on small "head" sculpts. You could cut a broom handle or dowel into a few 1" sections. Tap a small nail into the center of the dowel "base", for a simple armature. Add on the sculpey, then just have fun making some alien or monster heads. You can use toothpicks or the end of a small paint brush as a blending tool...almost anything works to sculpt with.

Don't worry about perfection...just PLAY and see what happens! Good luck!

skywatcher said...

I just was referred to your site through The Painting Corps blog. The pieces your making are full of originality and fine detail. I look forward to tracking along with your posts. Now that I have subscribed to your RSS feed.

Warren said...

Welcome, Skywatcher! Glad to have to join the gang. Wow...nice surprise to get linked in at The Painting Corps blog. You might like to look at my "Tabletop Gaming" label, to see some "scratch-built terrain" stuff.

I just realized that I need to clarify that label, so folks will know that it's more stuff I made.

Warren said...

Okay, folks...anyone looking for crazy things I've made for Tabletop Gaming can now find it under the label
"Sculpture-Tabletop Gaming".

Mike Adair said...

Nice solution for the base, Warren. Under the Sea always looks alien to me, anyway. Really nice sculpting!

Warren said...

Thanks for the compliments, Mike. Hey, maybe I'll have Space Gator laser-blast Ariel!