Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Last night, I decided to visit a place that a couple of my writer/editor friends recommended.  Since I seem to be overly verbose, I thought I'd explore a bit about what to do with that.  So I went to the "Open Mic Night" at THE WRITERS PLACE, in Kansas City, Mo.  I got there a couple of hours before the event began, so I could draw the historic building where the writers meet.  As often happens, people wander over to see what I'm drawing.  I had a nice chat with one of the neighbors who told me she had been trying to make herself get back to drawing since she was now "post kids".  That's always fun to encourage others to rediscover "the artist" inside...sketchbooks are a non-threatening place to "play".

Once the writers arrived, they went around the circle, reading poetry (either their own, or some of their favorite writers) .  I did not come prepared to do that, so I just drew the people as they read or listened while others read.  An interesting evening...but I don't think writing poetry is "my thing".  Drawing poets...now that's more like it.

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winna said...

love this whole idea and the building is so excellent !