Thursday, February 4, 2010

SKETCHBOOK: "Guardian Lion"

Here's a little sketch I did back during the holidays in December '09. My wife and I finally got around to visiting the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to see the new addition of the Bloch Building. In 2007, Time Magazine ranked the museum's new gallery space # 1 on the "10 Best (New and Upcoming) Architectural Marvels" list. It was gorgeously designed and we really enjoyed the open spaces.

The piece I'm sketching, however, was in the older, original museum. I especially love the extensive collection of Asian Art. This little guardian lion from China caught my eye and I had to draw it. I need to visit again soon!


Christopher said...

Finally... I wondered if I should call and make sure everything was alright. I've been waiting for an update from you for like 5 whole days. sheesh.

Warren said...

Thanks, "Tomato Man"...likewise on you returning to your blog posts!

Tnoussis said...

Is that a sketch book of ingres paper? They make those?

Warren said...

Hello, Tnoussis...sorry I can't clarify that question for ya. I'm not sure that I worry too much about who makes the sketchbooks I use. I think I was just looking for any brand with brown pages, and there weren't too many to choose from at the art store. I do have a preference for the heavier weight "archivers" type books (made for glueing on photos, etc.) They hold ink lines, and watercolor washes well, without the pages getting all warped. And recently, I started using a watercolor stock "Moleskin" it a lot.

Tnoussis said...

Oh okay,
I was referring to a type of paper recently used for an art project. Its a very fine paper, usually a neutral mid tone, Grey, or brown or cream. It just looks that way because when I used it I also shaded with graphite and pencil and then used a white pencil crayon. From the picture it looked exactly like Ingres. I mistook the brown paper for Grey because of the lighting. Those other ones sound interesting, I'd like to have a sketch book that holds watercolors well.