Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SKETCHBOOK: "Crazy the Cat"

Last Sunday, my wife and I went to Kauffmann Garden (one of her favorite spots to go photograph). While Cat wandered around outside, I stayed inside the conservatory and sketched the resident feline, Crazy. She's a pretty laid back kitty. But not everyone likes her...there's a mockingbird at the garden that frequently dive-bombs her. Unresolved issues from their past, I guess.


Fitz-Badger said...

There's something about sleeping cats - just makes me smile. Maybe it's the fact that they are such professionals at it! lol

Anonymous said...

Lovely place. Love that you two are doing so much together. mom

Warren said...

The conservatory was so pretty that day with all the decorations...very peaceful just to sit in there in the quiet with Crazy...could've taken a nap, too!