Saturday, December 19, 2009

PAINTINGS - "Hopscotch"

Here's a little experiment I just finished oil painting of some BOTS. Technically, it's not completly done...I plan to enhance it digitally in the next day or two. Not sure it's working that well, but I had fun goofing around with it. And now that I'm on VACATION for the next TWO WEEKS (may I say "Woo Hoo!" at this point), I'll have some time for more art projects that I plan to post later.

I had a few unused canvas panels in the studio (I usually paint on masonite board). I also had recently finished another painting, so all my gear was out. First, I stained the canvas with a gray tone made from the leftover globs of the previous painting. Next, I moved on to the sketch phase.
For some reason, my brain landed on a giant robot who was "the new kid at school", and he was a bit overly enthusiastic over a game of hopscotch the others were playing. We live down the street from an elementary school, so our walks on the playground was an obvious influence.

Below are the stages the painting went through, before ending up with the image at the top. To be honest, I actually like my rough block-in the best. I love to see artists' work that is nice and's a real challenge to make myself refrain from overworking things. You'll notice that I rearranged the composition some...I moved the other little bot-kids around, and repositioned the big-bot's arm.

Stay tuned... I'll be making some final adjustments in Photoshop!


Fitz-Badger said...

Interesting to see the various stages!

Anonymous said...

I like the blocked in better too...maybe I like less color...or more contrast. And I love the happy look on the close up! He's having fun! mom