Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here Comes Santa Paws!

I have my daughter Jenni to thank for this goofy image. Her recent blog-post of her cat, Pika, reminded me of this thing we discovered around Christmas years ago. Our cat, Lacey, has a Santa face on her back left foot! Okay, perhaps I enhanced the above image a little with the hat. But you can see the real deal below.

(The more I'm lookin' at it...could be a YETI...you know...the abominable kind.)

And here is Lacey getting really perturbed that I woke her up for this.
Ho! Ho! Ho!


Fitz-Badger said...

Meowy Christmas! (sorry - lol)

Warren said...

Okay...I had that comin'.
Happy Holidays!

Kerry Callen said...

I find that to be great. You should make an actual, tiny Santa hat and photograph it for real. It would be hilarious.

(Well, at least to me.)

Wait! It could be a greeting card! Cover - Photo as seen above with a "Ho, ho, ho." No one would know what it was. Inside - Photo of the entire, emotionless cat, thinking, "It's not so funny to me." (or such...)

Warren said...

Thanks, Kerry. While I would agree that it would be amusing to make a tiny real hat, my cat still has claws on her hind legs. The whole scene would quickly devolve into something out of a bad kung-fu movie: "I will shred you now with my ferocious rabbit-kicks of death!!"

Steve Willaredt said...

Creepy. You have been hanging with Kerry to long.