Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SCULPTURE - "Flying Monkey Squadron" pt.6

On to the sculpture of the Gorilla. Below is the "core" of the piece...a wooden block with a hole drilled in it to connect it to the support rod. I made a sketch that was approximately the same size as the finished jet-pack and the base, so I could get the proportions right. I then wire-wrapped aluminum foil on to add bulk, and reduce the amount of sculpey clay I would use.

Since I had some leftover "regular" sculpey, I added enough to cover the aluminum foil. I then used "super" sculpey to add the details, building layer on layer, and baking each stage before adding more.

Below are the finished hands and face of the gorilla. I added the leather headgear after baking the details of the face.

It became obvious that my proportions were off for the length of the overhead arm. I added a good bit more clay and modified the pose. I then sculpted the final details of the jacket and added the jet-pack straps.

The image below shows how I designed the jet-pack to hide where the metal support rod goes into the gorilla's back.

When all the gorilla bits were complete, I gave the whole sculpture a coating of brown acrylic.

Next time...the final paint job and a look at the finished "Silverback with a Jet-pack".


Anonymous said...

Love the jet pack.....always hoped that technology would advance fast enough for you to have one to fly around KC with....oh well....this is close enough. Mom

HOTZ said...

Would you be willing to sell the Jet Pack Gorilla? my email is

HOTZ said...

sorry is the best way to contact me. I am very interested in the Gorilla Jet Pack.