Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SCULPTURE - "Flying Monkey Squadron" pt.4

Here's the final sculpture all painted and assembled. And, yes, I may have overdone it with the number of photos. One little detail that I'm happy about...the propeller turns nicely, when you give it a spin.

I'll be posting the next character in the series soon ("Gorilla with a Jet-Pack").
Until then (as the photo above shows)...The End!


MSU DAWG! said...

I like this. I can appreciate a turbine on the back of this monkey. I have worked on gas turbines, steam turbines, and jet engines. On power plants the inlet to the turbines vanes move to different angular degrees and control the amount of power the generator will produce. So this reminds me of working on differents types of turbines. Good work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not to sure about the face... but still flipping sweet

Ken Westphal said...

What fun! This are inspiring, Warren. Man, seeing what you're doing makes me want to get busy and create something in 3D!