Saturday, March 28, 2009

AUTOMATA - "Mr. Shorty"

I thought it appropriate to show one of my earliest toys that I made for my Dad, who just passed away this week. I gave this to him Christmas 2004. He loved to cut firewood with his chainsaw. Whenever there was a storm, he was one of the first guys to run over and help folks get the big limbs out of their yards. At his funeral, one of the stories about my Dad involved him helping a new neighbor go get firewood in the middle of the hot summer ("That's the time to gather it...not in the winter when you NEED it!).

When you turn the crank, "Mr. Shorty" stands up, then pushes down into the log with his saw. I don't know if Dad knew, but I made him saw the log in that way as an inside joke...he always used to laugh at guys that pushed and pulled on the saw like you would a normal handsaw. ("Just hold it steady...the saw will do all the work for you.")

Thanks again to all who offered prayers and kind thoughts for our family as we said goodbye to a truly wonderful, one-of-a-kind, genuine friend and father...James "Shorty" Ludwig. We'll miss him dearly.


Unknown said...

I remember "Mr. Shorty" very well...your dad was so proud of it.
He brought it to the house Christmas day for all of us to see. (...but we couldn't touch!!!) haha
He will be missed this Christmas.
Glad you got home before the storm.

Anonymous said...

Just getting around to looking at your site. So I am shedding my very warm tears for the day. Thank you for loving and appreciating your Dad...he was indeed unique and wonderful. One of a kind. Mom

Anonymous said...

I meant this week....OF COURSE I view it regularly ....MOM