Thursday, July 6, 2017

SKETCHBOOK: "Sides of Buildings"

Had to get some work done on my car that took a couple of hours. So I wandered around and did these two sketches this morning. The salmon colored building baffled me...why put that weird little balcony up there with no way to get down?


Tim said...

Hello! I just recently discovered your blog here and I must say I really admire your work. I'm a young aspiring artist myself, and seeing your work has really filled me with inspiration. Initially I found this site through your "Frog rider" sculpture and I just want to say that it is absolutely amazing! It's really a shame that your work isn't more widely known on the internet, I feel like artists like myself would really benefit in seeing your work. But what I really wanted to say to you is how absolutely incredible your sculpts are, the detail and care that goes into them is truly admirable and skilled. To wrap this up I just want to say I hope to one day reach your level of skill in art, and that you continue to make your wonderful art!

Warren Ludwig said...

Tim...thank you so much for your kind comments. If I can encourage you to "just have fun" with your art, then I will be quite happy with that. My blog has been going for a number of years, but I generally just share it by word of mouth, or when I post on Facebook sometimes. Glad you enjoyed looking around for a bit. Keep doing your art!!