Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Paintings...a few more

Today, I finished a painting that I started yesterday. This was in the "Community Garden" at my church.  I had finished the painting, but wasn't happy with the lack of darker values. and I wasn't crazy about the little shed's details.  So...I reworked much of the painting. I'm not sure it was entirely successful...lost some bits that I really liked in the first version better.
UPDATE...here's the final, final version below...I reworked a bit in my studio.

I think I like my first version below the best...but now it's too late. WHEN WILL I LEARN?!
Here's the view in the real world.
This painting below was done last week at a construction site near my home. It was fun talking to the work crew. I'm sure they didn't really get the "impressionist" technique I was going for. But they were nice about it.
This next painting was also done last week, over two consecutive mornings. My family had just gone to a parade and crafts show here the weekend before, and I really wanted to paint that huge sycamore tree.  So...I did. :)

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