Sunday, October 6, 2013

SKETCHBOOK: "Japan Festival"

Yesterday I spent some time at the annual "Japan Festival" held at the Johnson County Community College.  I'm finding JCCC to be a wonderful place for sketching and a variety of interesting activities.  Of course I took my sketchbook!  Above is the entrance to the festival.

Below are the other sketches I did that day...a view from above the Bonzai trees exhibit...a Taiko Drum workshop...and an amazing candy sculptor.  The sculptor had a video camera that projected her work on a giant screen in a lecture hall.

As is often the case when I am out and about, there are too many interesting things to sketch fast enough.  So here are a few photos from the day.  This scene below cracked me up...a samurai still has to buy a ticket to get in!  I saw the guy later, patroling the hallways.  Besides traditional costumes, many of the teenagers were wearing outfits depicting their favorite "Anime" characters (Japanese animation, for those who don't has a specific style and look).

Below is a view of the Carlsen can see the red archway that I sketched.  There was a gorgeous flower arrangement in a cart in the center of the room.  I forgot about the garden workshops that were outside...didn't get any pics of that, unfortunately.

One of the rooms had a wonderful display of traditional Japanese dolls...amazing attention to detail!

Here are some Samurai armor...the one on the right was "child sized".  I cropped out the little guy who, I suspect, had to wear that...he was none too happy looking.

Here is the Bonzai Society's display...some wonderful miniature trees and gardens.

Below is MIYUKI making "candy art".  She was SO fast...about one sculpture every 10 minutes or less.  I don't see how she did this all day long!  Really fun to watch.

And this last photo was of the "Taiko Drums" workshop.  The participants were doing stretching exercises in this pic.  I was really impressed with how fast the beginners learned some of the basic rhythm patterns...a lot of memory-work in short order.  The woman in purple (on the far right with the microphone) would call out specific commands, and the group had to hit the drums with the correct technique and sounds (oh...and shout, too...very cool).  I don't think I could have done that without a LOT of practice!

However, I did get to play drums "my way" with "Hard@Play" band at another gig at "Murray's Tables and Tap" last night.  A really good day of fun!  (Today...I'm resting!!!)


pedalpower said...

Wow..that looks like a very interesting day! Love the sketches.

Anonymous said...

What a great day. Thanks for sharing it all with us.. The sketches are great. Want to look at them on my big computer! Mom

Warren said...

Thanks, Pedalpower and Anonymous Mom! The Jr. College does an impressive job of bringing in some great artists, musicians, and festivals. This is the first I had heard of the Japan Fest.