Sunday, February 26, 2012

SKETCHBOOK - "Sunday Sketchin' "

Been a while since I've been out and about with my sketchbook. Decided to try something I haven't done since my childhood days...drawing in church when I'm supposed to be listening! I'm sure the church of my youth would have loved for me to put a dollar in for every offering envelope I drew on the back of! Surprisingly, I found it very easy to absorb all that was going on...the music...the was nice. I even met a couple who I wouldn't have, because they wanted to see my drawing. Turns out the husband was an architect (which means he noticed that my perspective was off, I'm sure).

On the drive home, I passed by the Johnson County Community College, and decided to sketch inside the Nerman Museum of Modern Art. It wasn't ready to open when I got there, so I enjoyed sketching the empty cafe by the museum...also closed.
After making the rounds inside the museum, I stopped on the way out to draw the entrance view...and the top of the head of the lonely information-booth guy. A pleasant afternoon.


Dee said...

I really like the thin line pen on these. They have a very architectural quality that makes it look a bit different from your usual. I know you are going to enjoy the Urban Sketchers book. LOTS of great stuff in it. Mom

winna said...

the guy's head made me chuckle.....this museum trip is loaded with such fine work and words !.