Sunday, December 11, 2011

SCULPTURE - "Santa vs. The Yeti" pt. 1

It's been WAY too long since I've done a sculpture project. I'm taking some time off during the holidays, and really wanted to have something fun to work on while at home. An epiphany hit me one morning, and it seemed perfect for the season. I may not be able to finish it before Christmas is over, but I'll get a good start on it.

I was thinking about all the animated classics on TV this time of year...especially "Rudolph", with Yukon Cornelius fighting the Abominable Snowman. It occurred to me that since Santa lives in the North Pole, it's possible he comes from good Norsemen stock. I figured that, before he could set up the ol' toyshop, he had to make it safe for Mrs. Claus and his tiny little elves. Thus, the battles ensued to clear the land of voracious Yeti...a much larger and more vicious version than the modern day shy creatures of lore. Maybe Santa is the reason they hide!

I started with a very rough sketch, just to capture the idea. Then I saw my ugly mug in the mirror and a camera on the dresser...voila...yeti poses to work from.

I gathered images off the internet to inspire me. (Hope these folks don't mind my posting this stuff!) I plan to build on the "viking / barbarian" theme for Santa's look.

Tonight I decided to work up a tighter color sketch shown above, just to help refine the concept a bit. I will probably change some things along the way. I don't want to be limited to the sketch...the YETI must reveal himself in the clay! Stay tuned!


Yeti's Yell said...

Awesome! More! More! Very excited to see the progress on this. Very inspiring!

Mike Adair said...

That's gonna be awesome, Warren! Too cool. You should cast one in bronze.

J. said...

AHahah....great! When you were describing it last week, you were doing those exact faces! Can't wait...i want to see some of these in person sometime too, Jaye says they are something to be in AWE of!

Warren said...

Thanks, guys...I'm really chompin' at the bits to get started. But I've got a lot of Christmas stuff on the calendar for the next few days, before i can get to it.

Yeti's the "Bumble" image for your ID!

Mike...would some day love to do a real, live sculpt for a bronze piece...I need to visit a foundry in KC sometime.

Jake...thanks for your help in Z-Brush class. If this sculpt turns out, I might try a Z-brush version with a full figure of the Yeti...if I get the software for home, of course. But got to build this one first!! Maybe I can have you over to see the other sculpts sometime. I'm scared to transport them anywhere!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Santa wins this fight...It's almost time for him to