Thursday, October 27, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - "Kearney Farm"

Today, all the folks from my department at work went on a "Day Away" to Kearney, MO for some creative renewal and fun. We were free to roam the property that is owned by Hallmark...acres of land with ponds, beautiful fields and walking trails. The weather was gorgeous (though a bit nippy), and it was great to just kick back and enjoy time with my co-workers. Above is the only sketch I made...started in the morning when my friend, Joan, was beginning a painting...then finished the drawing and added color in the afternoon.

I decided to dig around in my archives to show you a painting I did of the same house 6 years ago, on another "Day Away" in October of '05.


Olive Oil said...

Wow, amazing, luv the sketch

Anonymous said...

Warren, your work is amazing. I am the webmaster for the City of Kearney and was searching the web for images for a new site design. Would you grant me permission to use your drawing in a rotation of images on the home page of the site. I can be contacted at Thank you!