Sunday, June 19, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - "Life Drawing Afternoon"

A little over a week ago, I went to one of the figure drawing sessions that are provided for artists at Hallmark Cards once a month. I really hesitated to post these's been FOREVER since I've gone to a life drawing session, and I felt REALLY RUSTY!!! By the time it was over though, I knew I'd have to go again, because I've always loved drawing the human form.

First there were some 5 minute warm-up sketches. I didn't plan my time well on these...should have been looser.

Then we had a few 10 minute poses. I was a bit frustrated by not being sure of what materials to use. I bounced from sepia pencils to graphite, with white pencil for highlights...toned brown paper, then to white.

Next were two 20 minute poses. I had wanted to try laying down a mid-tone over the paper, then lifting out highlights with a kneaded eraser. I had not, however, prepped my paper beforehand with graphite, or with scribbling on the paper didn't really work as well as I wanted.

Finally, we had a 15 minute pose. I was pleased with this drawing...finally started to feel like I could get back into this figure drawing thing. It was also a challenge using a larger piece of paper and an easel, instead of my sketchbook. All in all...a good 3 hours break from my regular workload.

I leave you with a photo of my current "assignment"...painting several rooms in my house. Not nearly so fun.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see your figure drawing experience. Glad it was fun enough for you to want to go again. Make it soon! mom

linsolomons said...

Very good, don't think I've seen any type of drawings like these from you before...
Your new project looks less inspiring but more practical! Good for you, keep checking these type of home "to do's" off your list...but still making time for fun trips....XO

Rusty Nails said...

Hi Warren, how do I get a hold of you??? I'd like to use one of your images in a logo. cheers, Russell

Warren said...

Hello, Rusty Nails. Unfortunately, I won't be able to let you use any of these sketches, as they were done during my work hours, with models provided by my employer.

If you are referring to other images I've posted...sorry, these are my privately owned creative things that I make for my own amusement and not for other uses.

But thanks for liking them anyway.