Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - "A herd of trikes"

I haven't had much going on with projects lately...well with "visual" projects. I've been focusing more on music these days...playing percussion with my church band, and also with "Ruby Shoes" (the dance band). I've also been goofing around at home creating "sound sketches" with my keyboard, drums, vocal experiments, and mixing them on my computer. Since I'm not set up for posting mp3 files, you'll be spared.

That said, I did manage one little sketch yesterday while waiting to take my daughter Courtney to lunch. She works at a KinderCare day-care. I saw this little bunch of red tricycles and thought they looked fun...just taking a well-deserved break before the next wave of wild children jump on and ride 'em hard!


Christopher said...

Nice tricycles! It looks like there's a cage back there where they keep the kids before letting them out to ride.

Warren said...

Good eye, Chris...I think it's kind of like at the rodeos when they hold the bull riders before turning them loose. Those tricycles can kick up a lot of to give the clowns time to get ready, in case they have to rush in to distract those three-wheelers.

It's either for that...or to protect the gas meter that was behind that fence. (I prefer the rodeo scenario myself.)

Christopher said...

The rodeo scenario definitely has it's merits, but I was thinking more along the lines of:

"Two kids enter, one kid leaves"

You know, BarterTown! Are you sure there's no weapons strapped to the ceiling or walls of that cage?

(cue Tina Turner music)

BaronVonJ said...

I nominated you for a the Stlish blogger award:
Do with it what you will.

Warren said...

I am honored Jaye...having a "stylish" blog was more than this simple boy from Arkansas could have ever dreamed of!!