Friday, January 7, 2011


The RIVER is now FINISHED...and so is this hexagon-based project!

Below are all of the final pieces, painted and ready for game-day.

I tried a different technique for making the river banks than I've use on other river projects. (Check out my earlier post on "Making Rivers".) As you see below, I've got all my pieces cut out of masonite board. This time, I decided to use PAPER MACHE for the edges of the river.

I'm using "instant paper mache" that is a dry, papery mulch in a bag...just add water to the stuff in a mixing bowl, and squish it up with your hands. I preferred a consistancy similar to tuna fish salad...has a nice texture that I liked. If you add more water, you can get a smoother surface, but it does take a longer to dry. I purposely applied the mache quickly, and didn't get too fussy with it. The rougher surface helps for making it look like foliage at the water's edge when painted.

I decided to show a few of the stages these went through when I painted them. It took a lot longer than I expected...just couldn't land on the colors I liked. And I had to repeat the process of the glazes for all 12 pieces in the set...each had to look consistant. A long evening!

Here are the segments ready for two coats of high gloss varnish...and the shiny "water" below.

This little group of tiles are pretty versatile for creating many configurations. Good luck making your own river set!

Spoiler Alert! I'm going to keep going with making more gaming terrain for my buddy Jaye. Stay tuned for some cool ideas I have for a MAMMOTH CAVE scenario!!


The GunGrave said...

Initially i was a little worried about how having these terrain pieces on hexagonal bases would look, but they look really nice, especially the dunes!

Warren said...

Thanks, TGG! I have to admit...the Hex-shapes were not my favorite shapes to work with. I prefer the more organic bases. But my friend has a pretty good system for the grid, so I had to try to make it work.

linsolomons said...

It looks like Chinese rice paddies!
Am I right??? ;)

Warren said...

Yes, usual. You caught us. The game is called "Rice Paddy Cakes". Not very manly, but oh so much fun!

Fitz-Badger said...

They look great. So they are just painted, no flock? (It works and also means there's no flock to fall off)
I've used celluclay for some of my terrain projects, too. There is a gray version and a white version. I like the gray version as there is no glaring white if you miss a bit with the paint or if it chips. Celluclay is great for making rough surfaces like boulders or cliff faces.

BaronVonJ said...

Took a few pics over at mi blogga.

Tim said...

I used pretty much the same approach on my rivers except mine are in 3 inch denominations, 3, 6, 9 etc. and I used that new pink drywall compound that turns white when it dries. Worked well but I was left to texture it myself. I will have to try the instant paper mache!
As always great stuff!

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask permission to post one of your pictures (with credit) on my Pinterest miniatures page. Thank you.

Warren Ludwig said...

Anonymous…I think that would be fine to post a link on Pinterest. Glad you like the stuff I made.

Anonymous said...


The idea is great. I've done something similar and everyone loves them. The ones that I made are reversible. I have a river on the one side and a chasm/gorge on the other. We use a rule that if a unit flees "through" the chasm it's removed from the game as it plunges over the cliff. A pursuing unit that would go through the chasm must make a LD check to stop or face the same fate. I used wood glue and sand to make my "grass". I simply painted the sand green and did some drybrushing.

Once again. Great work.