Sunday, December 19, 2010


Time to start up on a new project! It has been a long time since I've made any tabletop gaming terrain. So I asked my gaming buddy, Jaye, if he needed anything specific for some new campaigns. He asked for some DESERT DUNES and a RIVER...but made to fit on a grid system that is designed upon HEXAGONS. I'm not the best with straight edges, but I think I can make this work.

First off, I pulled a few images of some research and inspiration from the web. I told Jaye that I thought it would be cool to add some big boulders in the sand, and not just make it look like a "sandy layer cake".

Jaye had provided me with an image of the grids with some possible configurations. The green areas would be the "dune" shapes. I printed out one of the sections and spray-mounted it to some cardboard as a template to trace around. The width of the hex is 5", measuring from flat side to flat side.

Once I had traced a few of the hexes onto a sheet of 1/8" thick pressboard (masonite)...I cut them out with my trusty jig-saw.

Next I traced the shapes onto some "pink foam" (2.5" thick insulation styrofoam). I loosely cut them out with a hack saw blade, then worked out the curved shapes with my band-saw.

These show the first level of "sand"...then the next layer of boulders. All of this will be carved and sculpted to look more dune-like. Nothing is glued down at this stage. are the additional hex shapes I cut out to make the river set. These will be completely flexible for designing the way the river will be put together. I'll finish the dunes first, then show how I work on the river segments.
Looks like I now have something to do on my holidays off from work!


Tim said...

Great start! I just bought a wonder cutter foam knife, haven't used it yet, and I would love to carve the heck outta that pink stuff!
I can't believe your so good at making stuff and don't play many games!

Warren said...

Thanks, Tim. While I don't play tabletop gaming, I do have gobs of links that I look at to see how others make terrain, models, sculptures etc. I love the talent and creativity that's out there...some of it blows my mind with the details. Fortunately, I have friends to make these for, so I can have fun, too.

Christopher said...

I'm still here watching Uncle. Hope all is well and happy holidays!

BaronVonJ said...

and they're mine! All Mine! Mwahahahahhaha.