Sunday, November 21, 2010

SKETCHBOOK - "Trip to Shreveport"

It's been about two weeks since my last post. I've been down south, being with my Mom after some major surgery. She had to travel to Shreveport, LA for a special procedure that should greatly help her with the rare cancer that she has. After a 9 hour surgery on Nov. 12th, I drove down the next Saturday, so I could stay during last week, and relieve my brother and his wife who had been with Mom up until then. Now that I'm back, I thought I'd post some of the interesting things I sketched while there. Keep my Mom in your prayers...she's still in the hospital recovering.

Okay...let's start with the first sketch at the top. Nothing like a little "razor wire" on the fence surrounding the free parking at the LSU Medical Center. Felt like a prison yard! What was so strange was that there is no gate on the entrance, and there's a big opening in the fence for pedestrians to cross the street. Why would they need "razor wire"?!!! To keep out people who insist on PAYING for their free parking?

Below is the view looking from across the street on the west end of the lot...nice damp fog adds to the friendly atmosphere. (Let me just say right here...the staff at the hospital are TERRIFIC!! It's just a gloomy neighborhood where they have to work.)

Next is the view from inside the fence...northwest corner of the lot, looking across the street. There is a nice fleet of trash trucks ready to serve you, right next to a mini-electrical plant, and old warehouses. Not pretty...but interesting.

Here's a view from the cafeteria inside the hospital. It was late in the lone med student having a bite to eat. There were lots more chairs and tables...I ran out of time.

Here is the waiting room on the 7th floor. There was some brand new glass in the snack machine...someone had recently busted it...guess they didn't have exact change.

The last two sketches are of Saint Mark's Cathedral just up the road a bit from the hospital. This was drawn while Mom was still in ICU, and I could only visit for 30 minutes, four times a day...I had lots of time to fill up.

I wish I had been able to sketch some of the people in and around the hospital. Saw a couple of guys in orange jump suits with cuffs and chains on with police escort. Saw one guy in his gown outside, walking in a hurry, looking around, like he was "makin' a break for it"...not sure how far he got. There was quite a gallery of folks standing around outside smoking, holding their I.V. bags, in wheel chairs, on crutches, doctors, nurses, etc., etc. ...all due to the "non-smoking campus" designation. And I would like to have sketched my face when I locked my keys in my van (as we were hurrying to get my Mom into her semi-private room) and then when I had to pay $40 for a guy from "Pop-A-Lock" to get them out. An interesting week.

Huge thanks to my brother Kris, and his wife Debra, for their continued vigil taking care of Mom in the days to come!! Hope she gets home soon!


Anonymous said...

I love the black and white sketch of the Cathedral. Normally I like your color sketches, but that one really appeals to me.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you took the time to sketch all these "interesting" scenes.
Barbed wire around a parking lot that had an open gate how weird.

Thank God your Mom is getting better every day.

linsolomons said...

Love how you entertain yourself!!!
Great sketches and commentary...
Keeping your family in prayer...