Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SKETCHBOOK - "Drillers"

There's a lot of construction going on near my house. New upgrades to the highway means that some of my favorite things to draw are strewn about for miles and miles. These big boys move around a lot from day to day, so I took several photographs of them a few evenings after work. Usually I like to draw stuff "live", but tonight I worked from the photos I'd taken, and put up on my computer screen. Actually, it lets me see a bit more detail...and it's certainly safer than sketching when the cars are whizzing by! Here are two giant "drillers" that make some big ol' holes.


PatG said...

Strangely appealing - not sure why. Very nice work.

Warren said...

Welcome, Pat.
"Strangely appealing"...I had to smile. I'd like to think that the same thing could be said about me as a person, too.

Thanks for dropping by the blog.

Tim said...

So this is with your pocket water color set? Where do you keep the water? Seriously, I'm not being silly, I'm being dumb, LOL

Warren said...

Hey, Tim...don't be so hard on yourself. Let's not say you are "dumb"...merely "ignorant" (which we all are, depending on the topic!!)

I use a "Sakura Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box, 12 Color Set" If you search on, you'll find one that is pretty close to what I have (but with more colors). It's not cheap ($26), but good art supplies never are. The set comes with a little "water brush" that has a plastic hollow handle. The one that came with my set used up the water too fast, so I bought another larger "brush pen" that holds more. I think it was made by "Pentel". I find mine at a local art store, but also carries them.

I just squeeze the brush, and let a few drops of water land in the mixing tray. I usually have a paper towel handy to wipe off the brush occasionally, to keep the colors clean. I can start a wash on the page with a paint-loaded brush, then blend it out with mostly water.

Hope that helps!

Tim said...

Ahhhhh, now I get it! I looked at one at walmart called a travel set, but it didn't come with the brush. Thats why I was confused.
I did buy a nice big 24 tube set of oil to play around with for like $12. I understand they aren't artist quality but how can you argue for $12. Especially compared to miniature hobby paints! and I took your advice and read a book, it helped a lot actually!

Anonymous said...

I love the rain cap on the driller's top....would make a lovely form to adapt to a robot. They almost are already bots, aren't they. I never see equipment that I don't think of you....strangely appealing, very appropriate description of you both. mom