Friday, May 21, 2010

SKETCHBOOK - "Trip to San Diego"

Since I've been too busy this week to do much sketching, I decided to look back through some of my older drawings. These are sketches I did while on a business trip to San Diego back in 2006. My favorite is at the bottom of this good friend Keith was waiting in the airport for an early flight back to Kansas City, "sleep-eating" a slab of pizza for breakfast.


Jeff said...

Great work and a great subject. My favorite city. Haven't been there in a while, but your sketches really captured its essence!

Kerry Callen said...

I always love your sketches, Warren. Makes me want to do it too!

(Hey. This Jeff dude above looks like I would as a Simpsons character!) (Well, if you remove the eyebrows...)

Anonymous said...

Wow, first time I see your blog and I was sucked into it. The quality, variety and quantity of work you have done is impressive. I hope I'll be that disciplined about my blog when I grow up.

I'll come back often to feel a well deserved feeling of guilt, and enjoy your cool sculptures, drawings and miniature terrains (all things I love doing even without your talent)

Warren said...

Thanks, Jeff, Kerry, and Jean-Marc! I'm always glad when people find my stuff even just a little bit interesting. Come back often!

And, yes, Kerry...that Simpson-esque icon of Jeff DOES look a bit like you!