Sunday, November 1, 2009

BEFORE and AFTER: "Homework"

Today, I was looking at sketchbooks from my college years and ran across this drawing from 1975...a self-portrait from my freshman year in art school. Some thirty-plus years later, I had another homework assignment for a painting class I was taking. Once again, I used myself as a model. It's pretty weird to put them side by side. While I think my skills have improved, I feel so old!! Then again...I'm glad to still be makin' art.

At the suggestion of my friend, Kerry, I've retitled this and started a new series..."Before and After". Working on another entry already...thanks, Kerry!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I remember an oil you did in college too....wonder where that one is? Was it lost perhaps in the basement flooding? Personally I still think you are good lookin'...but I'm a bit prejudiced ...just a little. Mom

Warren said...

I had forgotten about that painting. Sometime this winter, I plan to forage through some of my old pieces from school that are in the attic...maybe I'll run across that one.

Kerry Callen said...

You need a "before" and "after" label on those images!

Warren said...

Good idea, Kerry...note the updated post and label!

I started sketching last night for a blog-post yet to come...revisiting a badly drawn comic character I made up in my teen years. A fun exercise...thanks!