Friday, October 16, 2009

Maryland Trip (pt.2)

While at the wedding in Maryland, we stayed with my wife's Mom. These are the views from her second floor apartment...front deck, back deck. I limited myself to using brown and gray felt-tip markers on the trip...mistakes can't be corrected, so you just have to keep going. But I like the richness of the contour line drawings with that technique.

Once all the craziness from the wedding activities were done, we had some time to wander around. The top sketch is of a boat yard across the Back Creek in Solomons, from where we sat to soak in the sun. The next view is from the boardwalk at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. The lion over the archway was also at the Academy...Dahlgren Hall.

These images were done at the airports between flights.
And finally, here are a few random doodles done at various times while sitting around in the evening, or while on the planes. I had just recently bought a book on how to draw Celtic knots and border designs, so I did a little practice here and there. Very challenging brain teasers to figure that stuff out!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your run down of the trip. Wow what intricate work on those models...really an art that is probably being lost. Who sits that still working with their hands anymore? Thanks for the tour. Mom