Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"Man About Town"

"Stay Away From My Corn!"

"A Stroll In The Park"

Here are the "Apple Head Folks" all dried and painted (on DAY 15). I made the little bodies and hats out of Sculpy clay. I painted the apples more than the "traditional" craft would call for...I didn't soak the freshly carved apples in lemon juice right away on the first day, so they turned rather brown.
And, yes...the old lady is pretty creepy looking. Actually...they're ALL kind of creepy...I like 'em! Even though they took too long to dry for my attention span, it was a fun, weird little experiment.


Anonymous said...

The old man looks a little like I would expect Kris Ludwig to look like in a few years and a few less teeth!

Charlie Skinner

Warren said...

Hey, Charlie!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

And now that you mention it...it does look a little like my little Bro. Which makes me feel even older now...sigh. I've also seen that apple-head face in my mirror, too.

Kerry Callen said...

Very nice!

Btw, you should give your posts "labels," so we readers can view them by subject matter..!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kerry...I have a few of those labels, but probably could use more. These apples would be under the "Sculpture-Various" label, but that might not be specific for fans of food-art.

Warren said...

Update for Kerry...new labels for the Apple Heads!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, as we get older we may ALL begin looking alot like that!! Your mom told me about your blog a few weeks ago and when I was sick at home last week I thought about it and got on to take a look. As always, you've got some great stuff bro!! Hope all is well with your family.

Charlie Skinner

psykomar said...

I love these, especially w/ the backgrounds. Very Jim Hensonish.