Friday, February 3, 2012


Trying something new here...hope it works! I've created a few animations from projects I've made for this blog. Recently I tracked down an older copy of Photoshop 7 that will work with the "antique" version of my iMac's operating system. THAT means, I can create animated GIF files again! (Yes...I know it's an outmoded format...but it's still fun for me.)
Above is the "Silverback with a Jet Pack" from the "Flying Monkey Squadron" series I sculpted. (You can click on the "labels" section on this blog to see the process of making them.) For these animations, I just took lots of photos of the sculpt with my camera on a tripod. Then I laboriously cut them out in Photoshop and created all the sky and smoke elements. Then I used the program ImageReady 7 to construct all the frames. It's like "old school" stop-motion-animation for the digital age.

Next, you'll see the movements of four of my AUTOMATA projects. Folks have asked for videos of these...this is the best I can offer without a digital movie camera.



Hope you have fun looking at these...I'll definitely be making more!!


Fitz-Badger said...

Nice! It's especially cool to see the automata in action.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I love the diggerbot!

Anonymous said...

That's the neatest thing I've seen in a while.
Lil Bro

Dee said...

Wow....wonderful! I've only seen the ones I have in working mode. This is great. Sounds like it was pretty time consuming though. We'll all enjoy more of these! mom

Mike Adair said...

These are magical, Warren! Just a lot of fun!!!

winna said...

I 'd like to have everyone of the toys...they so delight me...hard to pick a favorite but the winged fellow comes close...I suppose your Mom must have one of these...Lucky Dee !!!

爱业星辰 said...

do you have a plan for those automata?

Warren Ludwig said...

No plans...sorry. I just figured it out as I went along. If you look at the posts for AUTOMATA, you can see the step by step process for the DozerBot. But when I made some of that stuff, I didn't even take many photos of them until they were done.